Plant List

Below we've compiled a list of our most common equipment. We constantly strive to ensure that we host the most up to date equipment to ensure we are able to offer you quality, efficiency and cost effective products to a time scale that suits you.

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Edgecam (3D / Solids Cad-Cam System)
Hitachi Seiki Hicell 23
Doosan Puma 2000SY
Kryle KVC-7 Blaze
Kryle KVC-5
MEP Shark 320AX CNC Saw
Emi-Mec Autosprint S Automatic lathe
Various Inspection and test equipment

Hardinge HC1 Capstan lathe

Colchester Master centre lathe

Various Universal mills

Pollard 6 spindle drill

Jones & Shipman 540 surface grinder with autofeed.